Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mai-Tai the Memories

It's our 3 year wedding anniversary, and inspired by our honeymoon trip to Maui, I decided to surprise Michael with a pitcher of Mai-Tais.   I've already done some heavy "sampling" and I must say this Mai-Tai recipe is crazy good... so good that if my husband doesn't join me soon, it's going to be lights out for me!  Have a great night everyone ;)

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1. Mugs from Mai-Tai Lounge 
2.  Serving Tray 20"x16"from Catstudio 
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clutter can be Chic

We are all guilty of clutter to a degree.  Of course we try hard to keep things neat and orderly, but sometimes our systems fail or we lack the motivation to work at it everyday.  I once heard clutter is directly related to how we think; if your thoughts are scattered, than you are more likely to have clutter issues...  

Sure we'd all love to have clear thoughts and clear countertops, but clutter is apart of life, which is why it needs to be managed.  To help manage and keep clutter looking chic, try repurposing everyday household items into unique "catch all's," like the ones below. 

An entryway is the perfect place for a catch all because of the need to drop keys, cell phones and empty pockets.  To help contain these items and still keep them visible for everyday use, I repurposed a small fruit bowl, into a chic and welcoming catch all.  

Like most people, our mail was tossed on the kitchen counter, and left to collect until it was time to sort and discard.  Piles of paper can be unsightly and stressful to look at, so I repurposed, a champagne bucket, into a chic catch all for collecting mail.      

The thought of needing at least 3 remote controls to work a TV is crazy, and also a reality.  In efforts to keep our remotes within a arm's reach and away from our seat cushions, I repurposed this mini ice bucket into a remote control catch all.  The acrylic tray is also a catch all I use for keeping current magazines and coasters.   

How to Create Your "Catch All" Solution at Home:

1. Anticipate clutter.  
2.  Visualize your household's daily routine and habits.  What foreseeable items could accumulate in the space?  
3.  Are these items used everyday or shared?  If the answer is yes, then it's best to keep the catch all visible on a countertop.  If your answer is no, then it's best to stow these items in a drawer or closet.  
4.  Look for items around your house and shop the antique markets for unique baskets, crystal or china serving bowls, shallow vases or square plates that could be repurposed and used to collect everyday clutter.  After all Clutter can be Chic. 

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's build a fire

The weather forecast is predicting cooler temperatures for my visit to PA.   So perhaps I'll be spending less time sunning, and more time huddling around an outdoor chiminea.  I've had some of my best life chats lounging by a fire, so I'm always up for building one!  In fact, as the nights begin to get cooler, adding an outdoor firepit or chiminea to your patio will keep your outdoor space enjoyable as we transition into Fall.

If you are considering adding a wood burning element to your outdoor retreat, please consider the safety of others and the safety of your home.  For safety tips, click here.

Images featured in this post are provided by houzz

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So I'm headed West, to Hollidaysburg, PA, to spend some quality time with the family and hopefully squeeze in a little r&r by the pool!   I'm also craving some Barbecued Texas Beef Brisket, so heads up Mama we'll be doing some cookin' ;)

Michael and I always look forward to visiting my hometown.  We have the best time catching up with family and friends, embracing the outdoors, enjoying a ton of laughs, cocktails and of course, endless plates of food!  It's moments like these that remind me why I love residential design and work to create warm, comfortable spaces for all families to enjoy.
My Family:  Dave/ dad, Liz/ mom, Lizzie/ sister, James & David/ twin brothers, Michael/ husband, Jess/ in white

Our attempt to ALL wear coordinating white and denim outfits...

See you all soon!

Sending Love and Design...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Acrylic goes straight to the heart

No doubt, I will always hold a special place in my heart for clear acrylics.  I loved the material as a kid obsessed with Jelly shoes, and now as an adult mixing acrylics into everyday decor. Acrylic furnishing complement many styles as well as, provide the perfect solution for making smaller, more cramped spaces feel light and airy. While Lucite is the most expensive and most luxurious of all acrylics, I've uncovered some more affordable options below.   


Adding acrylic chairs to a small corner workspace is a great idea for keeping the room feeling open and less cluttered.  Also creating a desk, using two filing cabinets and a 1/2 inch custom glass top, makes great use of the tight space, while proving to be efficient.

The translucent appearance of acrylic also let's surrounding elements take center stage.  The acrylic chair used in the space below, compliments the contemporary look of the wall decor and helps to provide visual relief from the mix of dining chairs and artwork. 

Get the Look:  Amazon $125


Adding clear acrylic dining chairs was a great idea for allowing optimum light into the room, and not obstructing the outdoor view.  I could also see these dining chairs being using in a wallpapered room (preferably large-scale pattern) or atop a beautiful oriental rug.  They are also kid-friendly!

Get the Look:  Ikea $79


This lucite tufted upholstered bench from Jan Showers, is one of my most favorite pieces of all time.  I love softness of the upholstery mixed with the sturdiness of the thick lucite legs. This bench is perfect for a bedroom, foyer, hallway, bathroom, walk-in closet, or could be used as a coffee table.  

Get the Look:   Ebay $1,699 (someone please buy this ;)


The use of acrylic furniture is perfect for apartment or condominium, such as the coffee table shown in designer Meg Braff's palm beach home. Placing an acrylic coffee table atop a colorful rug (dash and albert) keeps the room cheery and adds visual interest among the solid upholstery in the room.  

Get the Look:  Wisteria $764 on sale now!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Final weeks of Summer...Enjoy!

With the occasional thoughts of Fall starting to surface, I’m reminded of all things great about summer; barefoot walks, fresh linens, farmer’s market, boat rides...  My list continues, but most importantly it’s a time of year good for slowing our pace and keeping life casual.

In efforts to slow my pace and enjoy these final weeks of summer, I look to spend more time outdoors; particularly relaxing and entertaining.  I must admit, with our hectic schedules and scorching hot temperatures, our outdoor retreat had fallen victim to some neglect this year.  

 Knowing I'd want to take my time selecting outdoor furniture for this space, I bought these inexpensive and yet extremely durable sling back chairs and folding tables.  I added seat cushions, an outdoor rug and planted a few geraniums to give the deck color and visual interest.      
Source:  furniture and seat cushions; Target, outdoor rug; Pier1 Imports

Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home and provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with patterns, bold colors and unique textures.  Below are designs I've added to my stock pile of outdoor inspiration.  Enjoy. 

 Constructed chair back shown in Michael Taylor Designs teak collection of furnishings.

 Large scale pattern, the use of bamboo, and greens give this indoor space an outdoor feeling. 

Seating and ottoman upholstered in Perennials fabric.  

Restoration Hardware sofa, tables and chair. 
Belongs to celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis - LFTH

Chic mix of boxed wood and antiqued metal. 

Red, White and blue.
Richard Mishaan’s - AD

Simple arrangement and use of black/white balance architecture features.  

Sending love and design...  

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