Friday, February 28, 2014

Baker Showroom

Last night, I was invited to attend an event hosted by the Interior Design Society in Philadelphia.  The event was held at the Baker Showroom, located in Philly's Marketplace Design Center.  

If you are local to the Philadelphia area, and work in the industry, or simply love fine furnishings, I highly recommend stopping in during browsing hours.  Most showrooms sell only through trade professionals, however some showrooms are retail, and will allow consumers to buy direct.  The Marketplace houses over 30 of the most prestigious brands, each with their own stunning showroom, and the center offers everything from fabric to kitchen cabinetry.

One of the best lines for fine furniture is Baker.  Since the 1920's, this company has prided itself on making high quality furniture and manufacturing every part in North Carolina.   Baker is an excellent choice for clients who have an eye for detail, value comfort and desire timeless pieces.  Baker is also known for their Guest Designer Collections which feature celebrity designers like Barbara Berry, Thomas Pheasant, and Michael S Smith. 

Here are some pieces from Baker's Guest Designer Collections that caught my eye: 

Athens Loung Chair, Max Sofa, Max Club Chair, Tic Tac Drink Table

Paris Ottoman, Link Coffee Table

Love this idea; topping a coffee table over an oversize upholstered ottoman.  The ottoman is on casters and can easily roll to either side for extra seating. 

St. Honore Chest

Moderne Chandelier

Coffered Ceiling
Thomas Pheasant is known for incorporating architectural elements, from National Monuments, into his furniture design.  For example, the coffered ceiling seen at the US Capitol Rotunda, was his inspiration behind this incredibly handsome, swivel, Bevel Lounge Chair.  I would love to use these in a family room or library.

Bevel Lounge Chair

Arcade Center Table, Thassos Stool

Frazier Etagere

Organic Baroque Chair

St. James Sofa

Jacques Garcia is well known for the design work he has done for many of the world's top boutique hotels.   His pieces are designed to encourage conversation and lounging, which is evident in the St. James Sofa above.    The flat arm and flat back allow for extra seating, or in my case, extra climbing for miss Emily. 

Atrium Chair

Atrium Chaise
My picture was awful, but this Chaise was one of my favorite pieces!!! 

Auguste Chair

If you are interested in learning more about Baker, or if you would like pricing on any of the pieces featured in this post, please contact me.  

Sending Love and Design. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not So Ordinary Chandeliers

Hotel design is known to be opulent and grander and the Ritz Carlton at Grand Cayman is no exception.  On a recent vacation, I came across these not so ordinary chandeliers I'd like to share.       

My pictures don't do it justice, but this twelve arm, aquamarine, transparent glass chandelier is absolutely stunning in person.  The colored glass and the fluidness of each curve and wave, gives this classic venetian style a modern look.  It's craftsmanship is truly amazing considering the only hardware used was for electrical purposes.    

Its transparency allows sunlight to easily shine through, which makes the fixture look effervescent, like it should be floating in the sea.    

A couple more steps down the hallway, I stumbled upon these incredibly unique, sculptural light fixtures.  A perfect example of how fine art meets function.  

Each one is crafted of spiraled hand blown glass in a mix of watery blues and greens.   From afar, the shape looks like a creature of the sea.  I can only imagine these chandeliers lit at night.     

This particular artist and manufacturer is unknown, however they remind me of similar chandeliers I've  seen on The Italian Lighting Center website.  Also, given the craftsmanship, there is a good chance they were produced in Murano, Italy, which is home to some of the most beautifully talented glassmakers in the world.

Sending Love and Design...