Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY: Paint a Room

So lately I've been in a "let's get it done without spending a lot of money" mood.   Every so often this switch goes off and, when it does, I turn to my list of DIY projects.  I mentioned earlier in the year wanting to renovate my office, so I decided to kick things off with a new paint color.  

Paint Color:  Benjamin Moore, classic gray, #1548

I chose Benjamin Moore Aura in classic gray, eggshell finish, as my new wall color.  As you can see from the paint deck, classic gray is a lighter gray, which will reflect light back into the room and keep my surroundings feeling bright and fresh.  Aura is Benjamin Moore's most premier paint, and it can be mixed to any Benjamin Moore color.  A gallon of Aura is more expensive than other brands, however it's worth every penny!  I recommend using Aura for how well and evenly it covers.  The paint is very thick, so in most cases, all you need is one coat and you can forego the primer.    

Before I began painting, I noticed my walls needed to be prepped, so I gathered my supplies:  joint compound, scraper, sandpaper, painter's tape, paint, brushes, bucket, roll pan and roller.

I covered all the holes in the wall first, including those super small pin holes, with the joint compound.  Once the compound was dry to the touch, I was ready to start sanding.  FYI, before you start sanding, cover all furnishings with plastic to protect them from the sanding dust you will create.

Also, don't forget to wear your safety glasses, especially if you wear contacts! 

Once the walls were smooth and taped, it was time to roll on the paint.   

so focused...

Two painting days later...I was nearing the end. 

My favorite part, peeling the tape away from the wall.      

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you the number of times I wanted to call my painter, but I'm glad I finished the project myself.

 As an added incentive to DIY, I decided the extra money I saved painting myself, will go towards new flooring for the space.  ;)

Sending Love and Design.     

Sunday, March 2, 2014

AD Oscar Greenroom

It's Oscar night!  Check out the Architectural Digest Greenroom at this year's 86th annual Academy Awards at 7e/ 4p.  For the past 7 years, AD has been behind the redesign of this exclusive, backstage space and the visionary behind tonight's Greenroom design is architect David Rockwell.

"Casual luxe" is how he describes his transformation of the space where only Oscar winners and presenters can go relax and ease anxiety.   A contemporary NYC loft and terrace served as his inspiration for the space and outdoor garden.

Check out these pictures from the AD 2014 Greenroom:

Chandelier, Bar, Bar Stool:  Hudson Furniture
Bar top:  Caesarstone

Chairs and Coffee Table:  Hudson Furniture
Pillow Fabric:  Jim Thompson

Paint:  Sherwin-Williams
Stage-light Floor Lamp:  Circa Lighting

Also, actress Susan Sarandon collaborated with David to create this stunning photo installation.  The digital display encompasses 86 screens, each depicting a memorable seen from the past 86 Academy Awards.

Outdoor Furniture:  Brown Jordan
Pillow Fabric:  Jim Thompson

Enjoy tonight's show! 

Sending Love and Design.  

Friday, February 28, 2014

Baker Showroom

Last night, I was invited to attend an event hosted by the Interior Design Society in Philadelphia.  The event was held at the Baker Showroom, located in Philly's Marketplace Design Center.  

If you are local to the Philadelphia area, and work in the industry, or simply love fine furnishings, I highly recommend stopping in during browsing hours.  Most showrooms sell only through trade professionals, however some showrooms are retail, and will allow consumers to buy direct.  The Marketplace houses over 30 of the most prestigious brands, each with their own stunning showroom, and the center offers everything from fabric to kitchen cabinetry.

One of the best lines for fine furniture is Baker.  Since the 1920's, this company has prided itself on making high quality furniture and manufacturing every part in North Carolina.   Baker is an excellent choice for clients who have an eye for detail, value comfort and desire timeless pieces.  Baker is also known for their Guest Designer Collections which feature celebrity designers like Barbara Berry, Thomas Pheasant, and Michael S Smith. 

Here are some pieces from Baker's Guest Designer Collections that caught my eye: 

Athens Loung Chair, Max Sofa, Max Club Chair, Tic Tac Drink Table

Paris Ottoman, Link Coffee Table

Love this idea; topping a coffee table over an oversize upholstered ottoman.  The ottoman is on casters and can easily roll to either side for extra seating. 

St. Honore Chest

Moderne Chandelier

Coffered Ceiling
Thomas Pheasant is known for incorporating architectural elements, from National Monuments, into his furniture design.  For example, the coffered ceiling seen at the US Capitol Rotunda, was his inspiration behind this incredibly handsome, swivel, Bevel Lounge Chair.  I would love to use these in a family room or library.

Bevel Lounge Chair

Arcade Center Table, Thassos Stool

Frazier Etagere

Organic Baroque Chair

St. James Sofa

Jacques Garcia is well known for the design work he has done for many of the world's top boutique hotels.   His pieces are designed to encourage conversation and lounging, which is evident in the St. James Sofa above.    The flat arm and flat back allow for extra seating, or in my case, extra climbing for miss Emily. 

Atrium Chair

Atrium Chaise
My picture was awful, but this Chaise was one of my favorite pieces!!! 

Auguste Chair

If you are interested in learning more about Baker, or if you would like pricing on any of the pieces featured in this post, please contact me.  

Sending Love and Design. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not So Ordinary Chandeliers

Hotel design is known to be opulent and grander and the Ritz Carlton at Grand Cayman is no exception.  On a recent vacation, I came across these not so ordinary chandeliers I'd like to share.       

My pictures don't do it justice, but this twelve arm, aquamarine, transparent glass chandelier is absolutely stunning in person.  The colored glass and the fluidness of each curve and wave, gives this classic venetian style a modern look.  It's craftsmanship is truly amazing considering the only hardware used was for electrical purposes.    

Its transparency allows sunlight to easily shine through, which makes the fixture look effervescent, like it should be floating in the sea.    

A couple more steps down the hallway, I stumbled upon these incredibly unique, sculptural light fixtures.  A perfect example of how fine art meets function.  

Each one is crafted of spiraled hand blown glass in a mix of watery blues and greens.   From afar, the shape looks like a creature of the sea.  I can only imagine these chandeliers lit at night.     

This particular artist and manufacturer is unknown, however they remind me of similar chandeliers I've  seen on The Italian Lighting Center website.  Also, given the craftsmanship, there is a good chance they were produced in Murano, Italy, which is home to some of the most beautifully talented glassmakers in the world.

Sending Love and Design...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Make Your List

With the holidays behind us, and Spring on the horizon, do you find yourself looking around your home wanting to make some changes?  Do you suddenly have the desire to organize forgotten closets, spruce daily living spaces or the urge to knock down walls and renovate???  Well you are not alone!

At the start of the new year, I recommend taking inventory of your home.   For example, I evaluate each room and look to uncover projects, problem areas, and repairs I'd love to tackle throughout the year.  When I'm making my list, I'm not thinking of a budget or timing...I'm just simply putting my "attention areas" down on paper.  The act of list making alone, instantly makes me feel less overwhelmed, and hopeful I can work these side projects into my busy work/ life schedule.  

By reviewing the list often, I can prioritize timing and budget, and most importantly, give myself some time to visualize the space and begin taking note of of what I might need.  Then I start paying attention to auctions, upcoming sales like President's Day, or flash sale sites, such as, One Kings Lane, Joss and Main, and Guilt.

Some of the projects on my list this year....

1.  Renovate the 3rd floor into an Office/ Workroom

2.  Baby Proof!

3.  Re-tile the Master Shower...or perhaps a slab of marble would do??

Making your list is the first step to seeing these projects through completion.  If they don't happen this year, than you can add them to next year's list.  It's funny, but I have found when I write something down, it usually gets done. ;)

Sending Love and Design.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

 If you haven't heard, Pantone recently announced the 2014 trend color of the year: Radiant Orchid!  Each year, the Pantone Color Institute designates a color reflective of what's globally current, and one that will resonate across the worlds of fashion, beauty and interiors.   

"An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” - Pantone  


Radiant Orchid complements a variety of colors, including olive, hunter green, light yellow, turquoise, and teal, as well as beige, gray and taupe.  I think it also looks great with light blue and navy.  Below are examples of how the color was incorporated by other interior designers. 

Liz Levin Interiors

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Kevin A. Walsh

Radiant Orchid is a perfect color to use when wanting to brighten and refresh any room.  If you are feeling inspired to incorporate the IT color of the year into your home, start by looking for rugs, accessories, pillows.  This rug, for example would be a great addition to a girl's room, playroom, or even a family room. 


I would add a pair of these ceramic table lamps, keep the furniture a neutral color, and add an acrylic coffee table.
Table Lamp
(The color + plus lighting collection from LampsPlus.com offers over 150 Pantone color base options.)

This same Radiant Orchid table lamp could also be added to a bedside table in a guest or master bedroom.   This bedding collection from Serena and Lily would coordinate beautifully.  
* On sale thru 1/15

The wall covering below would look awesome in a master bath or small power room. 
Sadly when I searched my own home and closet for Radiant Orchid, the only thing I could find resembling the color was Emily's highchair toy...obviously this won't cut it!   

Regardless, I'm looking forward to incorporating this color into some of my upcoming projects and I'll be on the hunt for more Radiant Orchid items to add to my home.  Perhaps some new throw pillows are in my very near future! 

Sending Love and Design...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Emily's Nursery

Hey Guys!!!  This post is way overdue but there is no better time then NOW to jump back into this blog and start posting.  Between learning the ropes as a new mom, starting a business and working on client projects, 2013 was definitely a jammed packed year.  My greatest joy of course, was welcoming our little Emily Love into the world and months later, I'm happy to finally post pictures and sources from her nursery.  It's crazy how time flies!
May 27, 2013

Designing her nursery was a very exciting project.  While I was confident in selecting colors and fabrics, I needed to learn more about what she would really need and the best products/ places to buy.  I relied mostly on recommendations from other moms, and after completing a few other nursery projects, I've determined the following to be absolute nursery essentials:  

1.  Crib w/ Firm Mattress (most mattresses are purchased separately) 
2.  Crib Bedding (bumper optional)
3.  Changing Table and Dresser 
4.  Glider and Ottoman
5.  Diaper Pail
6.  Clothing Hamper
7.  Nightlight or secondary light sources (ex. small table lamp)
8.  Storage (closet or armoire)
9.  Black Out Lined Drapes or Shades 
10.  Baby Monitor

Like most clients, I too was on a budget, so I pulled the nursery decor together using a mix of local, trade and online resources.  In anticipation of all the "extras" you quickly accumulate as your child grows, I kept the decor simple.  Also, I wanted her nursery to feel sophisticated, so I chose a more traditional style with some contemporary touches.  

If you are looking for nursery furniture, I highly recommend Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  Their pieces are beautifully crafted and very well made.  They have a great selection of styles and finishes you can mix for any gender.  Their shipping rate is a flat fee, which includes white glove delivery service, and all furniture is assembled on site.  Huge bonus for those lacking a handyman.

 With so many great baby bedding sources available online, I opted for Serena and Lily's crib basics.  The bedding is 100% cotton and from my experience, it washes wonderfully.  I do recommend buying extra fitted sheets for those unexpected surprises - we've had several.  

Knowing I'd be spending a good part of my day changing diapers, I wanted this space to be visually pleasing but also very efficient.  The extra wide Tatum Dresser and topper from RH fits a standard changing pad and has space to keep all the diapering essentials within reach.  The table topper is removable so the piece can be used for many years.  The artwork above the table was done by Emily Bixler.  

I do recommend investing in a good glider or rocker, especially for those late night feedings or storybook time.   The glider I chose, is manufactured by Lee Industries, a furniture trade company that's been making sustainable, Eco-friendly furniture for over 40 years.  Last year the company began offering a small selection of their furnishings through  Serena and Lily, and this same glider is one of those pieces!   Serena and Lily introduced 20 new fabrics in 3 grades, so there are lots of great upholstering options to check out.   I must admit, this glider is the most comfortable chair in my house!    

Bookshelves, like the one above, are a wonderful addition to any nursery.  Emily has received so many precious gifts, picture frames and books, that it's nice to have a place to display them all.  This particular bookshelf is great because the shelving is adjustable and the bottom drawer is perfect for storing extra bedding and blankets.

Shop this Post:
1.  Paint Color
2.  Crib (aged white finish) 
3.  Crib Sheet and Bumper 
4.  Dresser Topper Dresser (washed white finish)
5.  Bassinet and Bassinet Bedding (weathered gray finish)
6.  Gilder 
7.  Bookshelf (washed white finish)
8.  Crib Mobil 
9.  Drapery 

Nursery pictures were taken by Ed Adams.

Sending Love and Design...

If you need help creating a nursery of your own, please send me an email jessica@jessicalovedesign.com.