Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Emily's Nursery

Hey Guys!!!  This post is way overdue but there is no better time then NOW to jump back into this blog and start posting.  Between learning the ropes as a new mom, starting a business and working on client projects, 2013 was definitely a jammed packed year.  My greatest joy of course, was welcoming our little Emily Love into the world and months later, I'm happy to finally post pictures and sources from her nursery.  It's crazy how time flies!
May 27, 2013

Designing her nursery was a very exciting project.  While I was confident in selecting colors and fabrics, I needed to learn more about what she would really need and the best products/ places to buy.  I relied mostly on recommendations from other moms, and after completing a few other nursery projects, I've determined the following to be absolute nursery essentials:  

1.  Crib w/ Firm Mattress (most mattresses are purchased separately) 
2.  Crib Bedding (bumper optional)
3.  Changing Table and Dresser 
4.  Glider and Ottoman
5.  Diaper Pail
6.  Clothing Hamper
7.  Nightlight or secondary light sources (ex. small table lamp)
8.  Storage (closet or armoire)
9.  Black Out Lined Drapes or Shades 
10.  Baby Monitor

Like most clients, I too was on a budget, so I pulled the nursery decor together using a mix of local, trade and online resources.  In anticipation of all the "extras" you quickly accumulate as your child grows, I kept the decor simple.  Also, I wanted her nursery to feel sophisticated, so I chose a more traditional style with some contemporary touches.  

If you are looking for nursery furniture, I highly recommend Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  Their pieces are beautifully crafted and very well made.  They have a great selection of styles and finishes you can mix for any gender.  Their shipping rate is a flat fee, which includes white glove delivery service, and all furniture is assembled on site.  Huge bonus for those lacking a handyman.

 With so many great baby bedding sources available online, I opted for Serena and Lily's crib basics.  The bedding is 100% cotton and from my experience, it washes wonderfully.  I do recommend buying extra fitted sheets for those unexpected surprises - we've had several.  

Knowing I'd be spending a good part of my day changing diapers, I wanted this space to be visually pleasing but also very efficient.  The extra wide Tatum Dresser and topper from RH fits a standard changing pad and has space to keep all the diapering essentials within reach.  The table topper is removable so the piece can be used for many years.  The artwork above the table was done by Emily Bixler.  

I do recommend investing in a good glider or rocker, especially for those late night feedings or storybook time.   The glider I chose, is manufactured by Lee Industries, a furniture trade company that's been making sustainable, Eco-friendly furniture for over 40 years.  Last year the company began offering a small selection of their furnishings through  Serena and Lily, and this same glider is one of those pieces!   Serena and Lily introduced 20 new fabrics in 3 grades, so there are lots of great upholstering options to check out.   I must admit, this glider is the most comfortable chair in my house!    

Bookshelves, like the one above, are a wonderful addition to any nursery.  Emily has received so many precious gifts, picture frames and books, that it's nice to have a place to display them all.  This particular bookshelf is great because the shelving is adjustable and the bottom drawer is perfect for storing extra bedding and blankets.

Shop this Post:
1.  Paint Color
2.  Crib (aged white finish) 
3.  Crib Sheet and Bumper 
4.  Dresser Topper Dresser (washed white finish)
5.  Bassinet and Bassinet Bedding (weathered gray finish)
6.  Gilder 
7.  Bookshelf (washed white finish)
8.  Crib Mobil 
9.  Drapery 

Nursery pictures were taken by Ed Adams.

Sending Love and Design...

If you need help creating a nursery of your own, please send me an email

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Makes 3! Nursery Inspiration

We are beyond thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into our lives and I personally I'm so excited to become a mother.  A baby is one of life's greatest gifts and I'm so thankful every day to be blessed with this little gift and a healthy pregnancy.  

Cheesy "Babymoon" Pic

Of course in anticipation of her arrival in May, my mind is racing with to-do's, checklists and above all else the nursery!   I started the design process a few months ago, but with so many ideas and inspiration hitting me at first, I quickly became overwhelmed.  I've often said being your own client can be torture, which for me, was all the more reason to break it down and follow the same process I do for my clients.  So if you find yourself stressing or overwhelmed by all things baby, FEAR NOT!  I will be sharing my design process, tips and sources along the way, starting with Step 1; Inspiration.

It's important to spend time thinking and imagining how you'd like the space to look and feel before you make any decisions.  If this step alone overwhelms you, start with identifying what you don't want for the space by making a list of all styles, colors, layouts, furniture, etc you don't care for.   This list will help you better clarify what you do want and set you on a better design corse.

What I Don't Want...What I Do Want
- I don't want the room to feel dark and moody...I want the room to feel light and calming.
- I don't want a cluttered space... I want storage solutions and places to stow away items. 

Your next step is to begin gathering pictures, materials, information from all sources that inspire you.  My sources include magazines, internet design sites, blogs, retail sites.  I recommend creating a 3-ring binder filled with photos and items you've collected.  Use sheet protectors for keeping paint and fabric samples together.  I also use virtual "pin boards" or ideabooks which are provided by internet design sites like Pinterst and Houzz to keep ideas.

Inspiration Sources:  Here are some images I found that helped shaped my design concept.

Internt Resource:  Houzz

Internet Resource:  Pinterest

Online Publication:  Parenting 

Blog:  Project Nursery

Other Blogs to check out:  

Sending Love and Design...Jess

Friday, January 18, 2013

Color of the Year

PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, a lively, radiant, lush green, is the Color of the Year for 2013.

Here are some ways you can incorporate Emerald into your home:

Vintage China Pattern


Sending Love and Design....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Style Resolutions: Renew Your Home

A New Year always deserves a fresh start and usually, come the first week of January, I feel the need to transform my entire house!  Of course, transforming the look of a space can be achieved without going to extreme lengths.  In fact, it can be as simple as renewing the space you already have with color, art, linens, lighting and accents.

I vow to renew my home through these 2013 Style Resolutions...

1.  Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to the Walls:  It's really amazing how a new paint color can transform the look of a room in a matter of hours!  I'm feeling awakened this year, so perhaps I'll experiment by using a brighter color on the walls, and a darker contrasting color on the trim.

2.  Play with Pattern and Color:  Adding more visual interest to our family room, through the mix of pattern and color, is a must this year.  To help the room flow and feel relaxed, it's important to select patterns within the same color family, like what is shown in the design by Angie Hranowsky.

3.  Hang more Art:  I'm on a quest to replace more of my prints with original "looking" art this year and try some unique wall arrangements.  It's time to dust off the old hammer and nail.

4.  Liven Up The Guest Bedroom:  With the holidays behind us, now is the perfect time to transfer our basement into the guest bedroom.  Fortunately our basement has lots of natural light and a full bathroom, so my hope is to make the room warm and welcoming for guests.   I love the use of cool blues and textures used in this design my Emily Ruddo.

5.  Replace the Chandeliers:  I've been waiting to replace our chandeliers ever since we moved in.  I'm opting for a no fuss sophisticated look, and this one from Shades of Light caught my eye.

6.  Update the Fireplace:  My fireplace is looking extremely barren these days without it's holiday decor, so I plan give it a fresh update.  Filling urns with boxwood or branches is a great look during the winter and spring months.  I also like the simple glass hurricanes displayed on the mantel.

7.  Organize my Home Office:  This is one room in the house that could use a complete overhaul and I am determined to reach this level of organization.

8:  Plant Hydrangeas in the Backyard:  Just beautiful...

9.  Try a New Monogram:  To make a space feel more personal and special, I often add a embroidered monogram to linens, towels, pillows, serve ware, and even gifts.  Perhaps this year I'll give one of these styles a try. 

10.  Fix the Towel Rack:  We are going on 3 years of procrastination...

- Sending Love, Design and a Wonderful New Year!