Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Makes 3! Nursery Inspiration

We are beyond thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into our lives and I personally I'm so excited to become a mother.  A baby is one of life's greatest gifts and I'm so thankful every day to be blessed with this little gift and a healthy pregnancy.  

Cheesy "Babymoon" Pic

Of course in anticipation of her arrival in May, my mind is racing with to-do's, checklists and above all else the nursery!   I started the design process a few months ago, but with so many ideas and inspiration hitting me at first, I quickly became overwhelmed.  I've often said being your own client can be torture, which for me, was all the more reason to break it down and follow the same process I do for my clients.  So if you find yourself stressing or overwhelmed by all things baby, FEAR NOT!  I will be sharing my design process, tips and sources along the way, starting with Step 1; Inspiration.

It's important to spend time thinking and imagining how you'd like the space to look and feel before you make any decisions.  If this step alone overwhelms you, start with identifying what you don't want for the space by making a list of all styles, colors, layouts, furniture, etc you don't care for.   This list will help you better clarify what you do want and set you on a better design corse.

What I Don't Want...What I Do Want
- I don't want the room to feel dark and moody...I want the room to feel light and calming.
- I don't want a cluttered space... I want storage solutions and places to stow away items. 

Your next step is to begin gathering pictures, materials, information from all sources that inspire you.  My sources include magazines, internet design sites, blogs, retail sites.  I recommend creating a 3-ring binder filled with photos and items you've collected.  Use sheet protectors for keeping paint and fabric samples together.  I also use virtual "pin boards" or ideabooks which are provided by internet design sites like Pinterst and Houzz to keep ideas.

Inspiration Sources:  Here are some images I found that helped shaped my design concept.

Internt Resource:  Houzz

Internet Resource:  Pinterest

Online Publication:  Parenting 

Blog:  Project Nursery

Other Blogs to check out:  

Sending Love and Design...Jess

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