Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not So Ordinary Chandeliers

Hotel design is known to be opulent and grander and the Ritz Carlton at Grand Cayman is no exception.  On a recent vacation, I came across these not so ordinary chandeliers I'd like to share.       

My pictures don't do it justice, but this twelve arm, aquamarine, transparent glass chandelier is absolutely stunning in person.  The colored glass and the fluidness of each curve and wave, gives this classic venetian style a modern look.  It's craftsmanship is truly amazing considering the only hardware used was for electrical purposes.    

Its transparency allows sunlight to easily shine through, which makes the fixture look effervescent, like it should be floating in the sea.    

A couple more steps down the hallway, I stumbled upon these incredibly unique, sculptural light fixtures.  A perfect example of how fine art meets function.  

Each one is crafted of spiraled hand blown glass in a mix of watery blues and greens.   From afar, the shape looks like a creature of the sea.  I can only imagine these chandeliers lit at night.     

This particular artist and manufacturer is unknown, however they remind me of similar chandeliers I've  seen on The Italian Lighting Center website.  Also, given the craftsmanship, there is a good chance they were produced in Murano, Italy, which is home to some of the most beautifully talented glassmakers in the world.

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