Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mai-Tai the Memories

It's our 3 year wedding anniversary, and inspired by our honeymoon trip to Maui, I decided to surprise Michael with a pitcher of Mai-Tais.   I've already done some heavy "sampling" and I must say this Mai-Tai recipe is crazy good... so good that if my husband doesn't join me soon, it's going to be lights out for me!  Have a great night everyone ;)

Get the Look:

1. Mugs from Mai-Tai Lounge 
2.  Serving Tray 20"x16"from Catstudio 
* Gift Idea!  Select from 18 other geographic locations

Sending Love and Design...


  1. Where did you get the Mai Tai cups? They would be great for this theme party I am hosting next month.

  2. Hi! We bought the mugs from the Mai-Tai Lounge and brought them home with us but I'm sure you can purchase them over the phone and have them shipped. Here is their website and phone number: (808) 661-5288